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Welcome to Answer PC Networks: Your Trusted Partner for In-Home Computer Repair and Remote Assistance

At Answer PC Networks, we understand the challenges of navigating the digital world, especially when you’re not a computer expert. That’s why we’re here to help you with personalized in-home computer repair and remote assistance services.

No Hassle Diagnosics

$29.99 Basic In Home Diagnostics

With remote diagnostic and repair, we can fix a simple problems without the need for a in home or onsite visit, which saves you time and money. Sometimes a problem that’s keeping you from doing something can be resolved with just a few clicks


Help For Seniors

We have creating a sister site which is dedicated to keeping seniors safe from the ever increasing treat of scammers. Some of these individuals are vile, rootless individuals who have no qualms about praying on the elderly. It is there fore our intent to help educate and protect presous loved ones from the ever increasing threat posed to our venerable family members.

Free Loaner Laptop

Yes that’s right, we offer free loaners to our customers. Offering the best most innovative services to our customers are what we’re about. If your computer can’t be repaired at your home or office, we give you the option of using one of our loaner computer whiles yours is being repaired.

Free Help Over The Phone

If you are having problems with your computer and you think it make be something simple like a bad setting, you can give us a call and we will help you correct it over the phone.

Onsite Repairs

With Answer PC Networks same day in home or Business repair, there’s no need to unhook your equipment so you can take it to a shop only to be told you’ll need to leave it for a week. No we’ll come to you, fix it and get you back up and going in no time.

Helpful Advice

Our customers know that if they have a technology related question the answer is just a phone call or email away. That’s because here at Answer PC Networks we pride our self on being able to explain technology in a way that the average person can understand

Additional Services

Business Services

We get setup with Low cost Phone Service

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We’ll Setup Your Own website And Email

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Network Setup and Security Monitoring

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Simple Pricing

Simple Remote Support


With simple remote diagnostic and repair, we can fix many problems over the phone without the need for a in home or onsite visit, which saves you time and money. Your stisfaction is always our hihgest priority

Simple Diagnostics


With simple diagnostics, our knowledgeable support staff can diagnose most problems with you over the phone and let you know what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I’ve been a loyal customer for well over two years now and i’m so very happy I found them in the Yellow Pages. From my first phone conversion to the end of my first visit. I was very comfortable with the technician that came out, he was very patient, knowledgeable and answered all my questions..”


“Answer PC Networks has been our IT provider for over ten years and we’re very satisfied with their level of service and willingness to always go above and beyond to provide the highest level of service.”

Helping you solve problems is what we do best!